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Charlie is Found
Charlie, our five year old Golden Retriever ran away December 22 from a friend's home in Northwest Reno.
Somehow Charlie survived for six weeks on his own. He spent much of his time at the Mountain View Cemetery where he fled from all the staff who spotted him. Since we had put out about 50 posters in that area, we also received reports from people on 4th Street, Downey Avenue, Misty Ridge and Sierra Ridge. My husband and I searched for him every day in those areas. We also posted on all the sites like Petfinder and craigslist. Friends put out posters and notices on Facebook.
We have no idea how Charlie, our shy, gentle pet, got food and water, how he survived the snowstorms and freezing nights, or bands of coyotes, but he did. Last week we became sure he was hanging out somewhere near the cemetery and we began to leave food and my husband's old clothes near the office.
With help from Animal Control, we set up a trap. Last Wednesday, Charlie came to the office at the cemetery and lay down beside the trap. When my husband drove up to get him, he wagged his tail. The staff at the cemetery office helped get him into the car.
Charlie is home now, thin as a rail but recovering and happy to be here. We are overjoyed. The lesson we learned is don't give up. Animals have miraculous capabilities.
Thank you, Animal Control, and all those who wished him well.
Submitted by Bourne and Bob Buss - Reno - Feb 2010

Missing Min Pin found near Wal-Mart
Wanted to say a very big thank you to all of you for getting my lil miss run away, Rock N Roxie back to me safe and sound.
After a microwave fire in our kitchen late one evening, Mike had taken the burned unit out to the curb for safety. At the time my three dogs thought they had to help "dad", when he came back in somehow Roxie darted back out the garage door. The next morning we decided to take the dogs to the park and noticed Roxie was missing. I completely fell apart. A 9 pound Min Pin who is very shy and skittish and runs instead of coming and she is missing. We live at the top of Kings Row and she has been gone over 12 hours. Fortunately a man found her behind some dumpsters near Wal-Mart and she went to him. He called the paper to place an ad and found out about microchips. An animal control officer came out to his home and scanned her and found the microchip. They had a little trouble finding me because I had not changed my contact information to the correct area code. They were able to locate me eventually and Roxie is now back home with her two sisters.
Happy New Year
Submitted by Michelle Blair - Reno - Jan 2009

Missing Pit Bull found after 5 months
I want to thank all of the people at the WCRAS that helped my dog find his way home. Demon had been missing for five months and I thought I would never see him again. Then one day out of the blue, an animal control officer came to my house and told me Demon had been found. I am so happy to have him back at his rightful home were he will be given a lot of love. This would have never been possible if it wasn't for the microchip WCRAS registered to Demon, I would recommend this service to all pet owners.
Submitted by A. Mena - Reno - May 2009

Note: The people who found Demon may have thought he was abandoned and did not know he had a microchip. Mr. Mena had also filed a lost report with us. If you find a pet, please bring it to Animal Services as soon as possible so we can scan it for a microchip. We can also take a found report and put a picture on our website so the owner can locate their lost pet.

Lost pet found using the website
We used the website once to locate Bear when he decided to go walk about in the neighborhood one weekend. It was nice to see that he was going to be inside and warm that night when no one was in your office to answer our call anymore. Thanks for the peace of mind.
Submitted by N. Tolley - Sparks - May 2009

Missing Poodle returned home after lost report filed
Toby made it home safe and sound thanks to you. Thank you so much to the kind officer who brought him home. This little 9 lbs. dog made it a couple of miles up to the 7-11 not so near our house. A girl picked him up and called you, luckily I filed a lost dog report and the officer looked him up and met me at my house. He is very tired and hungry and is getting a microchip and license when he wakes up. Thank you so so so much you all are truly great and do great things!!!!!    
Thank you with all my heart.  
Submitted by Daphne and Scott - Reno - April 2009

Chihuahua lost for three weeks near the airport
Animal Control Officer Mittlestaedt picked up a chihuahua wearing a multi-colored dress. Officer Horner recognized the dog from an advertisement on Craig's list she had seen a few weeks prior. An email was sent to the owner and the dog was reunited with her family.
**email received from the family
I want to thank you sooooo much for the work that you do and for taking the time to see who her owner was and calling me and emailing me. Truthfully, I had lost hope and wasn't looking everyday anymore. It was her and without your call and email, I would have never thought you found her and had her. Thank you very much, I appreciate all your hard work. God Bless.
Submitted by C. Santiago - Reno - April 2009

Two dogs lost for three weeks in the Toiyabe Forest
Cynthia Nuckols lost her two German Wirehaired Pointers a week before Christmas in the Toiyabe National Forest near Verdi, NV. After several failed attempts to search for her dogs, winter snow storms, and zero sightings by any of the residents hope was almost lost as well. Loki and Freya were hardy dogs and of a hunting breed, but no one was sure of their return after two weeks of them missing. Almost three weeks went by and then the phone started ringing. Two different women swore they saw Loki (the male) down by the Truckee river in Verdi on 1/6/08. Washoe County Animal Control was called immediately because Toiyabe National Forest is within two different states and three different counties. Washoe County had no jurisdiction where Loki and Freya went missing, but now that they were in Verdi the hunt could begin. Two hours after the second call another woman reported seeing BOTH dogs near the Verdi exit off of I-80.
Within 10 minutes Cynthia and her fiance Eric were at the scene with the woman and Washoe Animal Control Officer Janeen Horner. Loki and Freya were laying in the dirt near a truck stop and immediately jumped up to meet both of their owners. The Officer Horner knew that Cynthia and Eric were on their way and did not want to frighten the two dogs toward the freeway. Loki was so happy to see his owners that he was jumping up and down yelping and whimpering "I found you! I found you!".
Thank you so much for having such wonderful officers! I truly appreciate your goal to help find lost pets and reunite them with their owners!
I also want everyone who has lost a pet to know NOT TO GIVE UP HOPE NO MATTER WHAT!!! Your pets will find you!!! The best advice I can give is to hang as many posters as possible!!! I went door to door within a 3 mile radius of where they were lost. The more people who know they are missing the better. Loki and Freya were lost in the middle of the Toiyabe National Forest for almost 3 weeks and we got them back!
Thank you so much!  - Cynthia Nuckols

Submitted by Cynthia Nuckols - Reno - January 2009
Photo of Loki and Freya by David B. Parker of the RGJ



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