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Washoe County Regional Animal Services Shelter
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Washoe County Regional Animal Services and veterinarians recommend all pets not intended for breeding should be spayed or neutered. Keeping your pets restrained and having your dogs and cats spayed or neutered will prevent unplanned litters. The overpopulation problem could be greatly reduced and help keep shelters in Washoe County from having to destroy thousands of unwanted animals each year. Please make sure your pets do not contribute to the problem of unwanted animals; we encourage you to spay or neuter your pet.

Although Washoe County Animal Services does not offer spay or neuter services at this time, your local veterinarian can assist you in taking care of this.

Other options for spaying and neutering

Nevada Humane Society offers low cost spaying and neutering.
Click here for the Nevada Humane Website

SPCA of Northern Nevada assists low income families spay and neuter their pets.
Click here for more information.