The Truckee Meadows shines in a new coat of winter snow
The Truckee Meadows shines in a new coat of winter snow
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We Value Your Input.......

The public is encouraged to comment at the beginning of the County commission meeting. Comments are limited to three minutes per person. People are invited to submit comments in writing on agenda items and/or attend and make comment on that item at the Commission meeting with the County Clerk.

Please note the folllowing public comment requirements:

  • The Board of County Commissioners intend that their proceedings should demonstrate the highest levels of decorum, civic responsibility, efficiency and mutual respect between citizens and their government.
  • The Board respects the right of citizens to present differing opinions and views, even criticism, but our democracy cannot function effectively in an environment of personal attacks, slander, threats of violence and willful dissruption.
  • To that end, the Nevada Open Meeting Law provides the authority for the Chair of a public body to maintain the decorum and to declare a recess if needed to remove any person who is disrupting the meeting, and notice is hereby provided of the intent of this body to preserve the decorum and remove anyone who disrupts the proceedings.


If you can't attend a County Commission meeting, you can still give us your input by sending the Commissioners an e-mail.

Many of our boards and commission meetings are televised on the Washoe Channel, cable channel 17.
For a listing of programming times, check out the Washoe Channel page.