Autumn brings spectacular color across the Truckee Meadows
Autumn brings spectacular color across the Truckee Meadows

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Frequently Asked Questions

• Why must I file a Fictitious Firm Name Certificate?

When the business name is in any way different from the legal name of the owner(s) of the business, or a corporation is doing business under a name different than the legal entity name, a fictitious firm name certificate is required by state law. Please refer to NRS 602.

• Why can't I use a Post Office box? Can I use a private mail box?

The statute states a physical address must be used and prohibits the use of a public or private mailbox. We have provided space for an alternate mailing address.

• Will the Clerk's office mail anything to my home?

When filing this document, the Clerk's office does not mail anything to your home. You will be notified of the expiration of your certificate at the five-year expiration period.

• Does this information get published in the newspaper?

Publishing is not required in Nevada. Our office does not submit any information to the newspapers regarding fictitious firm name certificates.

• When must I refile this certificate?

The certificate must be refiled with each change of legal ownership, change of residence address of any legal owner or at five years from the file date.

• Does the Fictitious Firm Name Certificate expire?

The certificate will expire five years from the file date.

• How can I protect my business name?

The filing of this certificate does not prevent someone else from using the same business name. You can file a "Trade Name" with the Nevada Secretary of State. Please call (702) 486-2880.

• Where do I go next?

You will need to contact the Nevada Department of Taxation, as well as the business license office(s) for their requirements. Any business that is regulated by a State agency must comply with those specific requirements as well.