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Big open skies mean big beautiful sunsets...

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County Code - Table of Contents

Washoe County Code Disclaimer The Washoe County Code was last codified by Supplement No. 13 in April of 2012. Visit our Ordinances page for amendments to the Code that have not yet been codified.

Below is the Table of Contents for the Washoe County Code

Chapter Title File Size
Forward 26kb
History of Washoe County 423kb
1. General Provisions 34kb
2. County Code 43kb
5. Administration and Personnel 579kb
10. Judicial Department; Townships 46kb
11. Alternate Sentencing 37kb
15. County Finances; Purchasing 99kb
20. Revenue and Taxation 1,675kb
21. Miscellaneous and Additional Taxes 159kb
25. Business Licenses, Permits and Regulations 370kb
30. Intoxicating Liquor and Gaming Licenses and Regulations 136kb
35. Public Health 68kb
40. Water and Sewage 79kb
45. Public Welfare 69kb
50. Public Peace, Safety and Morals 123kb
53. Miscellaneous Crimes 48kb
54. Alarm Companies and Alarms 41kb
55. Animals and Fowl 152kb
60. Fire Prevention and Protection 73kb
65. Safety and Disaster Services 80kb
70. Vehicles and Traffic 124kb
75. Watercraft 28kb
80. Public Works; County Property 55kb
85. Highways, Roads and Sidewalks 723kb
90. Franchises 83kb
95. Parks and Recreation 67kb
100. Buildings and Construction 1,028kb
110. Washoe County Development Code
(See Community Development)
125. Remedies; Penalties 37kb
130. Community Services Department 17kb
Index 58kb

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