Even our weeds are gorgeous!
Even our weeds are gorgeous!
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About the Master Plan

The Washoe County Master Plan, as provided in three volumes, serves as the official master plan for Washoe County. It includes countywide elements, area plans, and a number of more detailed plans (e.g. specific plans, community plans, joint plan). The Master Plan is used to determine the most desirable location of each type of development. The plan has policies and maps designated to define development suitability and conserve natural resources (e.g. protect critical environmental areas, define water resources, enhance visual and scenic corridors, etc.). It also includes growth forecasts as well as policies and maps reflecting desires related to land uses and transportation. Finally, the Master Plan has standards and maps to guide provision of public services and facilities. The public services and facilities are implemented through the Capital Improvements Program.

The Master Plan is contained in three volumes. Volume One contains elements that have general applicability throughout the County; Volume Two contains area plans covering each of the County planning areas; and Volume Three contains the specific plans, community plans and joint plans contained within the various planning areas.


The Planning and Development Division of the Community Services Department is responsible for maintaining and updating the Master Plan in response to changing conditions, legislative direction and new policy direction established by the community.

The Master Plan is a dynamic document subject to many revisions because each component of the Washoe County Master Plan can be amended up to four times per year. Amendments will be published as they become available. The date in the footer of each document identifies the date that each document was adopted or last amended.

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