Wildflowers bloom in the Sierra Nevada
Wildflowers bloom in the Sierra Nevada
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Any minor who is at least 16 years old and married OR living apart from parents or legal guardians, and is a resident of Washoe County may ask the juvenile court for a 'decree of emancipation'. If you are emancipated, it means that you are deemed to be legally in charge of yourself and can make your own decisions (including financial decisions) without a parent or guardian having any say over the matter. In the eyes of the law, you will be an adult. However, you still must follow other age-related laws such as no drinking alcohol until age 21.

The way you go about asking for emancipation is first to file a petition with the court. This petition will ask you to explain your situation and provide other details about why you should be emancipated. Your parents or guardians must be served with a copy of your petition and the court will hold a hearing about the potential emancipation.(NRS 129.080, 129.090, 129.100, 129.110, 129.120, 129.130)

You can get a copy of the petition at the Family Court Self-Help Center.  There are employees at the center that are available to answer questions.

Family Court Self-Help Center
One South Sierra Street
Reno, NV 89501