Bartley Ranch showcases several historic Nevada ranch houses. Come see them!
Bartley Ranch showcases several historic Nevada ranch houses.  Come see them!

Fund Responsibility

100 General Fund Darlene 520 Golf Course Funds Crystal
560 Building and Safety Crystal
202 Public Health Fund Asta 566 Water Resources Fund Crystal
204 Library Expansion Fund Tammy
205 Animal Services Fund Darlene 618 Health Benefits Fund Russell
208 Enhanced 911 Fund Steve 619 Risk Management Fund Crystal
209 Regional Public Safety Training Center Fund Crystal 669 Equipment Services Fund Crystal
210 Regional Communication System Fund Steve 716 TRWQSA Mary
211 Truckee River Flood Managment Fund Tammy 716 All Other Agency Funds, settlements to other agencies Steve
216 Roads Fund  Tammy 700  
221 Indigent Tax Levy Fund Asta
225 Senior Services Fund Marilyn COMPONENT
228 Child Protective Services Fund Asta TMFPD CompUnit - TMFPD Darlene
266 Central Truckee Meadows Remediation Fund Crystal SFPD CompUnit - SFPD Darlene
270 Other Restricted Fund Asta 568 STMGID - Audit / Fudiciary Crystal
270x Ag Ext, Admin Assess, May Funds Steve OTHER
270B Baseball Stadium Fund Marilyn Bank Accounts / Reconciliation Steve
301 Debt Service Fund Marilyn WC Cost Allocation Plan Darlene
340 SAD Debt Service Funds Marilyn Debt, Compensated Absences Marilyn
Grants / SEFA Reporting Asta
402 Public Works Construction Fund Tammy OPEB Trust Russell
404 Parks Capital Projects Fund Tammy Land / Roads / Infrastructure Tammy
489 Capital Facilities Fund Tammy Capital Assets Tammy