The Wilbur D. May Museum at Rancho San Rafael has a wide range of historic artifacts
The Wilbur D. May Museum at Rancho San Rafael has a wide range of historic artifacts
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Michael L. Sullens, C.P.M.
Purchasing and Contracts Manager

Physical Address
1001 E. 9th St., Room D200
Reno NV 89512
Phone: 775.328.2281

Mailing Address
PO Box 11130
Reno NV 89520-0027
Fax: 775.325.8062

Hours 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday

Washoe County Purchasing provides the following functions:

Purchasing - "To guard the Public Trust" as a service agency dedicated to obtaining goods and services through the best economical use of public funds. Purchasing strives to maintain an environment of integrity and confidence in practice and procedures, to supply goods and services when they are needed through comparison of prices and quality without prejudice, to disseminate information for new technologies, products, services, and sources, and while acting within the mandated limits of the legal requirements and restrictions, to arrive at the most cost effective expenditures of public funds for goods and services.

Contract Administration - From the collection of cable television franchise fees within the County to auctioneer services, Purchasing negotiates and administers most of Washoe County`s contracts for good and services. Suppliers of goods, services, and consulting are monitored for compliance with the terms and conditions of their contracts, including required licensure and applicable insurance, thus ensuring that the public trust is guarded and the interests of the County are protected.

Fixed Asset Inventory and Surplus Inventory - To compile, update and maintain current records on all personal property owned by Washoe County (i.e. automobiles, equipment, furniture, tools, computers, telecommunications, weapons, etc.) for inventory and insurance purposes. To transfer, dispose of, or sell such items at the end of their useful life or when no longer required, within the mandated limits of the legal requirements and restrictions, in a manner that ensures the fullest utilization of the assets, recoups some of the original investment for the County when sold, and ensures compliance with disposal requirements and regulations.

AEP Award

In 1995, the National Purchasing Institute (NPI) established a program designed to recognize organizational excellence in public procurement. The "Achievement of Excellence in Procurement" (AEP) is awarded annually. This prestigious award is selectively given to those organizations that achieve a high level of excellence and accountability in their purchasing activities based on a rating of standardized criteria. The criteria are designed to measure innovation, professionalism, productivity, and leadership attributes of the procurement organization.

Washoe County is one of only six government agencies in the entire United States that has received the award for all seventeen years since its inception.

The Achievement of Excellence in Procurement is sponsored by the California Association of Public Purchasing Officers (CAPPO), Institute for Supply Management (ISM), Florida Association of Public Purchasing Officers (FAPPO), National Purchasing Institute (NPI), and National Institute for Government Purchasing (NIGP). Associate sponsors are the Airport Purchasing Group (APG), Texas Purchasing Management Association (TPMA), The Innovation Groups (IG), and U.S. Communities.