Even our weeds are gorgeous!
Even our weeds are gorgeous!

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Smoking Vehicle Program

You can help keep our air clean by reporting vehicles that pollute. If you see a smoking car call 686-SMOG (686-7664).

Getting Exhausted?

The smoking vehicle program is a joint effort by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety (DMV&PS), and the Air Quality Management Division to reduce vehicle emissions in Washoe County. This program has been created to allow the citizens of Washoe County to voluntarily participate in the improvements of the air we all breathe.

When you call 686-SMOG, you`ll hear a recorded message that will ask you for:

  1. The license plate number of the smoking car
  2. An approximate time of day you saw the smoking car
  3. The location of where you saw the smoking car


Once you have reported a smoking vehicle, the Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety will send a letter to the owner asking them to fix the problem. If the vehicle is reported a second time, a representative from the DMV&PS will investigate to confirm the vehicle is smoking. If it is, the owner will be asked to fix the problem within 60 days. If the car is not fixed within 60 days, the owner's registration can be cancelled.