Poppies spring up around the Truckee Meadows
Poppies spring up around the Truckee Meadows

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Land Development Program

Community Development Applications
Liquid Waste
Mobile Home and RV Parks
Public Pools & Spas
Public Water Systems
Well & Septic Loan Certification
Well Construction Permits

Mission Statement

The Land Development Program, through permit plan review, inspections, and collaboration with state and local agencies, health department staff and the public, ensures that development in Washoe County occurs in a manner that minimizes environmental contamination and prevents the spread of disease, promotes public health and safety, and provides sustainable development.

Program Description

The Land Development Program (LDP) staff protects the health and safety of the citizens of Washoe County by performing the following functions:

  • The LDP staff reviews community development applications with regard to sewage disposal, domestic water quality and supply, solid waste, vector control, food establishments, underground storage tanks, air quality management and environmental health regulations. The LDP staff coordinates the review and approval of community development and building permit applications with Environmental Health Services Division (EHSD) and Air Quality Management Division (AQMD) staff to ensure compliance with federal, state and local health regulations.
  • The LDP staff ensures that new developments served by on-site sewage disposal systems comply with current regulations, protect surface and ground water from contamination and prevent the spread of disease.
  • The LDP provides input to state and local agencies, such as the Regional Planning Governing Board, Regional Water Planning Commission, City Councils and the County Commission concerning long-term planning for sewage disposal and water supply facilities.
  • The LDP promulgates regulations for on-site sewage disposal, water well construction, RV and mobile home parks and other Washoe County Health District Regulations to address new environmental and public health issues and new and evolving technologies.
  • Through the leadership and expertise of the LDP staff, Washoe County Land Use regulations were amended to protect area streams and water quality. Working in conjunction with Citizen Advisory Boards (CABs), realtors and developers, regulations now prohibit development within 30 feet of streambeds.