Autumn brings spectacular color across the Truckee Meadows
Autumn brings spectacular color across the Truckee Meadows

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Recycling Frequently Asked Questions

The residential recycling program in Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County is voluntary. You must contact Waste Management Inc., at 329-8822 to request recycling bins. They will be delivered to your home. Also, don’t forget to request a pickup schedule for recycled items. Your pickup day may be different that the regular garbage pickup.
At this time, there is not a green waste program. However, you can build a compost pile from yard wastes that will provide nourishment and fertilizer for the garden and landscape.

For more information on how to construct a compost pile, consult your local nursery or the Master Gardener Program through the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Office at 784-4848.
In Washoe County, there are several ways to dispose of household paint. First, remove the lids from the paint cans and let the contents dry to a solid form. If there is more than ½ inch of paint, add kitty litter to absorb it. When the material is solidified, you can dispose of it your household trash. Or, secondly, you may pour the paint directly on to plastic tarps being careful not to spill on to the ground; let it harden, and then roll up the tarps and place in your household trash.
The best way to prevent this disposal dilemma is to not purchase products that contain hazardous materials or chemicals. However, if you cannot share the product or donate it for use by others, please solidify the waste with kitty litter, dirt, or coffee grinds and throw it away.
If you are a homeowner, you should first try to donate the unit or turn it in to one of the used computer retailers in the area. The last and least attractive alternative is to dispose of it in the trash. If you are a business, your computers cannot be landfilled!
Most oil recycling centers will accept up to five gallons of used oil free-of-charge. Many of the large auto parts retailers in Washoe County will take motor oil from local residents. Make sure when transporting the oil, that it is in a secured container and is free of contamination by lubricants, gasoline, or antifreeze.

In other Northern Nevada Counties, call the State of Nevada Recycling Hotline at 1-800-597-5865.
Contact the Nevada Small Business Development Center's "Business Environmental Program" at 1-800-882-3233, or 689-6699, or contact EPA for the free "Business Guide for Reducing Solid Waste" at