Even our weeds are gorgeous!
Even our weeds are gorgeous!

Can I put a gate across a roadway?
1. If the roadway is on your private property with no easement: Yes

2. If the roadway is on a private access easement: Yes, with the permission of everyone that has rights to the easement.

3. If the roadway was created by a map and recorded (i.e. subdivision, parcel or land) and dedicated to the County for maintenance: No

4. If the road is presumed public access (as determined under NRS 405.191 and NRS 405.195 and by the Washoe County Board of Commissioners): Yes, access can be gated but not locked and must have a sign posted stating “Public Access.” In all cases, you should consult with your title company or the Washoe County Public Works, Engineering Division to determine if you have a road easement and if it is a public or a private road.