Poppies spring up around the Truckee Meadows
Poppies spring up around the Truckee Meadows

How long have CABs been in existence?
The first community CAB was the Incline Village CAB (later to be merged with the Crystal Bay CAB) which was established at the request of North Lake Tahoe residents in 1975, even before such boards were formalized by statute.

The Sun Valley CAB followed in 1978, and the Washoe Valley CAB (first established as a nonprofit corporation by Washoe Valley residents and later divided into two CABs: East Washoe Valley and West Washoe Valley) in 1979.

The Lemmon Valley and Gerlach/Empire CABs were added in 1980, and the Verdi Township CAB in 1981. In 1982, the North Valleys CAB (which incorporated the Lemmon Valley Board), and the Southwest Truckee Meadows CABs were established, followed by the Northeast Valleys CAB in late 1983 -- which was later divided into the Spanish Springs and Warms Springs CABs.

Subsequent boards were established for Mt. Rose/Geiger Grade (which was later divided into two separate boards -- Galena-Steamboat and Southeast Truckee Meadows), West Truckee Meadows, East Truckee Canyon, and Cold Springs.

In 2006, the Central CAB was formed. The Cold Springs CAB was dissolved in 2008 and the North Valleys CAB was modified to include the Cold Springs CAB area. In 2009, the Verdi Township CAB and the West Truckee Meadows CAB were dissolved and merged into the Verdi Township/West Truckee Meadows CAB, and the Central CAB was temporarily suspended. In 2010, the Verdi Township/West Truckee Meadows CAB was dissolved and the two resumed meeting independently.