Big open skies mean big beautiful sunsets...
Big open skies mean big beautiful sunsets...

Birth Certificate - How do I get one to continue Medicaid coverage?
Requests for birth certificates must be done in writing to the state the person was born in. Fees vary by state, and you may require calling to find out current fees. In some cases a state may require a notarized affidavit; a copy of identification along with personal information such as, full name at birth, date of birth, place of birth (county or city) name of hospital (if the person was born at home, they must state so) sex, mother`s maiden name, and father’s name, relationship to person named on birth certificate, full address and day phone number. Some states keep vital records as far back as 1870, but others as late as 1931. Those who were born before that year or the city does not exist anymore they must contact the county they were born. Some states provide a link to search for records and others provide a downloadable application.

To find out the specific requirements for your state you may visit the following address:

Persons who were born outside of the United States and need to obtain a naturalization certificate or "Certified True Copy" must write to:

United States Department of State, Authentication Office 518 23rd Street, NW Sa-1 Columbia Plaza Washington, DC 20520 202-647-5002