Another beautiful day in the Truckee Meadows!
Another beautiful day in the Truckee Meadows!

What if I`m not 18?

Persons at least 16 years of age but less than 18 years or age may marry only if the person has the consent of:

  • Either parent; or
  • Such person`s legal guardian

Persons signing as legal guardians must furnish a certified court order showing proof of full legal guardianship to the satisfaction of the Clerk. If the parent or legal guardian cannot be present, a consent form, written in English, stating the name, birth date, age of the minor child, relationship of the person giving consent, and name of prospective spouse; acknowledged before a Notary Public will be accepted. The notary portion of the consent form must state that the parent or guardian "personally appeared before" or that the document was "subscribed and sworn to before" the notary. A facsimile of the consent will be accepted. When a legal guardian is signing and sending a facsimile, a copy of the court order for full guardianship must be attached to the notarized consent. Under the provisions of NRS 122.025, a person less than 16 years of age may marry if either parent or legal guardian files an action, pays all court fees as provided by law, and presents a court order from the Second Judicial District Court, County of Washoe, State of Nevada, authorizing the Clerk to issue a license.