A high sierra environment, Washoe County benefits from a variety of flora including pine trees
A high sierra environment, Washoe County benefits from a variety of flora including pine trees
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North Valleys and Washoe Valley are priority areas for herbicide applications.
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For Immediate Release
Contact: Nancy Leuenhagen

Reno, Nevada. March 11, 2013. With spring just around the corner, Washoe County’s Community Services Department is preparing to launch its annual weed abatement program.

The County’s Community Services Department (CSD) has one certified herbicide applicator who will begin working in the North Valleys this week, then move down to Washoe Valley. Both areas are priorities based on weed growth and the weed abatement spraying will be based upon weather and wind conditions.

“We want all residents to know that when the weather permits, we will be spraying to achieve bare ground vegetation control in our roadside ditches,” said Washoe County’s CSD Operations Division Director Dave Solaro. “The bare ground ensures water flows more freely during storms, improves the aesthetics of the neighborhood and helps prevent fires as well.”

Solaro also said the products used by the County are safe to apply and areas that have been sprayed can be accessed within approximately 24 hours. Residents are requested to stay inside and keep pets indoors as well when spraying of roadside ditches near their homes takes place. Property owners with wells near ditches should also clear any brush obscuring the well so it is visible from the street and the area will not be sprayed to avoid the possibility of chemical contact with well water.

For more information, call the Washoe County Roads Operation at (775) 328-2180.


The Washoe County Roads Operation maintains and preserves the transportation and drainage infrastructure throughout the unincorporated portion of Washoe County from the Oregon border to and including Incline Village. This infrastructure includes more than 1,000 miles of paved and gravel roads, as well as an extensive network of storm water draining ditches. The division also supports commerce, tourism and area transportation requirements by performing variety of other road related tasks such as snow plowing, street sweeping and weed abatement along roadways.