Autumn brings spectacular color across the Truckee Meadows
Autumn brings spectacular color across the Truckee Meadows
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Partnering agencies continue to study the issue.
Media Release
For Immediate Release
Contact: Nancy Leuenhagen

Reno, Nevada. August 9, 2013. The issue of human-bear conflicts related to wildlife accessibility to trash and related ordinances will not be heard during the upcoming Board of County Commissioners meeting Tuesday, August 13. The agenda item and staff report providing a summary of the issues and related ordinances will be delayed to allow partnering agencies to further consider regulations specific to the Tahoe Basin.

Since 2003, Washoe County has participated in local and regional partnerships to address human-bear conflicts by reducing bear access to trash. Some of the most notable successes include: working with the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency to ensure that bear containers are more easily obtained and installed in the Lake Tahoe Basin; supporting the initial development of related ordinances within the Tahoe Basin and through the Washoe County Health District; and partnering on numerous community education efforts.

Washoe County Commissioner Marsha Berkbigler, who represents District 1 including Incline Village which has a history of such issues, says other agencies need to study it further. “The Incline Village General Improvement District (IVGID) is studying this issue and looking at alternatives within the Village beginning in September. The Commissioners will follow this issue and review the process as it moves forward.”

In addition to IVGID, other partnering agencies studying the issue of human-bear conflicts related to trash accessibility include: the Nevada Department of Wildlife, Waste Management, the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office and the Washoe County Health District.

While Washoe County has a franchise agreement with Waste Management for the unincorporated areas of Washoe County, IVGID has a separate franchise agreement and regulates trash collection and service methods within the Village. The County is continuing its efforts to partner with the network of agencies in educating the public and minimizing the potential for human-bear conflicts.