Another beautiful day in the Truckee Meadows!
Another beautiful day in the Truckee Meadows!
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Prepare now for the “Keep It Clean. Know the Code” Burn Code Season
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Contact: Phil Ulibarri

Reno, NV – Before the “Keep It Clean. Know the Code” Burn Code Program begins on November 1, the Washoe County Health District Air Quality Management Division (AQMD) recommends area residents prepare for a clean wood burning season by:

  1. Knowing the Code – Go to, AQMD’s Facebook and Twitter pages, signup for air quality emails with EnviroFlash (, or call (775) 785-4110 for the daily Burn Code updates.
  2. Keeping it Clean – Be sure to clean your wood stove and have your chimney inspected and cleaned by a certified professional. Clean wood stoves and chimneys produce less smoke keeping the air cleaner and healthier and increase efficiency which saves money by using less wood.
  3. Upgrading to cleaner equipment – Consider exchanging your old, uncertified wood stove and get up to $1,000 towards a new EPA-certified one using AQMD’s Wood Stove Exchange Program. For more information go to UNR BEP’s website:
  4. Using dry, seasoned wood – Dry, seasoned wood burns hotter, cuts wood consumption and reduces smoke output. Be sure your wood has been split, stacked and stored appropriately for 6 months. Consider using a moisture meter to be sure moisture content of the wood is at or below 20%.

The Know the Code program applies to the Reno/Sparks area. The Burn Codes address all solid fuels including wood, pellets, and fire logs. Burning coal and garbage is prohibited.

For more information on the “Keep it Clean. Know the Code” Program such as the ZIP codes affected by the Burn Code, the health risks associated with breathing fine particulate matter found in wood smoke, and how the Burn Code is enforced, visit the AQMD website at

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