View of the Reno Sparks night skyline from Rancho San Rafael Regional Park
View of the Reno Sparks night skyline from Rancho San Rafael Regional Park
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Some Tips to Help You Navigate the Site

  1. Check out the Categories- Citizens, Government, Businesses, and Visitors- to find topics of interest quickly. Simply click on the category most relevant to you, and a series of topics for that category will display.
  2. To help you find your information again, the site will change colors to indicate under which Category the page you're on falls. That way, you can easily find your pages the next time you visit!
  3. At the top of the page, just above the Search box, are 'breadcrumbs.' This is a trail of where you are in the site, allowing you to back up as many levels as you need to, instead of hitting the 'back' button on your browser.
  4. The left side of the screen will contain the menu for the area you are currently in. Because of the large and complex nature of the County site, we can't show you all menu options at once- you'd run out of room for information. Instead, for your convenience, we show you pages related to the page you are currently on. Use the Categories, 'breadcrumbs' or search feature, located at the top of every page, if you need to move to another section of the site.
  5. When in doubt, Search! The search feature will help you find pages of importance to you quickly and efficiently.
  6. Know where you need to go? Use the site map link, located at the top of the menu to the left, to click directly to the page you want.