Poppies spring up around the Truckee Meadows
Poppies spring up around the Truckee Meadows


Elizabeth Florez
Division Director

Taryn Bjelke- Program Manager
Christine Eckles - Program Manager
Mike Wright - Program Manager

Juvenile Probation Services utilizes Diversion, Informal Supervision, Sole Sanctions and Formal Court processing to serve the youth and families of our community.

Intake Assessment Unit (IAU):   Processes and evaluates youth committing low level misdemeanor offenses. 1st time offenders are generally seen by this unit.

Probation Assessment Unit (PAU):  Processes and evaluates youth not currently on probation committing criminal offenses. Youth committing gross misdemeanors and felonies are usually assessed by this unit.

Diversion Unit: Oversees youth through the use of informal supervision practices. The primary goal is to divert youth from formal court by utilizing various community based sanctions and services.

Compliance Units: Comprised of 3 regions responsible for the supervision of youth and enforcement of court orders. Youth in this unit are on formal supervision.

Gang Unit: Specialized unit providing supervision and services to identified gang members. Collaborates with the Regional Gang Unit.

Sex Offender Unit: Specialized unit providing specific assessment and supervision of juvenile sex offense cases.

CSYC/APYC Unit: Specialized unit responsible for the supervision of youth court ordered to China Springs / Aurora Pines Youth Camps.  The officers along with the Children's Cabinet work to provide re-entry services for youth sent to CSYC/AP.

Mental Health Unit: Specialized unit providing assessment and supervision to youth in need of Mental Health Services.

Incline Village: Probation Officer assigned to handle a range of cases and provide more accessible services to the Incline area.

Probation Services contact number:  775-325-7801