Wildflowers bloom in the Sierra Nevada
Wildflowers bloom in the Sierra Nevada
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EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY - All small claims cases will be set for mandatory mediation. Please review RJC Administrative Order 2014-02 for details.

Press Releases

Reno Justice Court offers fresh start for the New Year

Reno, Nevada. Dec. 31, 2014. Reno Justice Court is offering a fresh start to the new year for anyone with an outstanding warrant for failing to pay a traffic ticket. If you appear at the Court and make arrangements to satisfy the debt you will not be arrested for the warrant and the associated warrant fee will be dismissed. Although other fees may apply, arrangements to make partial payments or to convert the entire debt to community service are available for those who cannot pay the fine in full. "The program is a win-win for everyone involved. Ticket holders will avoid being arrested and the county could potentially collect thousands of dollars in past due fines", said Chief Judge Scott Pearson.

Generally, when a citation goes unpaid the court sends a reminder notice to the last known address. If no response is generated from the notice the court issues an arrest warrant for failing to obey the court order to appear or make payments. After the court issues a warrant for your arrest, DMV usually suspends your license. Additional fees in excess of $100 are also added to the fine for failing to pay and the case is often referred to a collection agency which also results in more fees. By simply appearing in court and making arrangements to take care of their old traffic tickets someone can avoid arrest, avoid additional fees and start the process to regain their driving privileges. "It offers them a fresh start," said Chief Judge Pearson. "I also think it is a more effective and efficient means to collect outstanding debts."

Those with traffic ticket warrants can take advantage of this program anytime during normal business hours. The Reno Justice Court is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. excluding holidays.

Reno Justice Court helps those in need

Reno, Nevada. Dec. 19, 2014. The generosity of Reno Justice Court is overwhelming. Since October of this year, the employees at the Court, with support from the Judges, donated more than one thousand dollars to the Susan G. Komen foundation. The employees held a raffle, where tickets were sold through in-house promotional events for raffle prizes that were donated by the employees. “Staff either made, purchased or donated items and gift certificates for the raffle” clarified Ms. Tami Neville, a Reno Justice Court supervisor and raffle coordinator. “There were more than thirty prizes this year, which is up from last year where the number of prizes was around twenty-five.”

The Court didn’t stop there. In the early part of November, the employees at Reno Justice Court donated almost one hundred articles of clothing to the CrossRoads program. “CrossRoads is a transitional housing and addiction treatment program that works closely with our Specialty Courts to help local citizens gain a more productive and healthier lifestyle” explained Ms. Lindsay Oberman, a courtroom clerk who directly supports the efforts of the various Specialty Courts.

In the latter part of the month, Court employees donated several hundred toys to Toys for Tots. “Although some of these toys were small, such as match box cars and action figures, others were over the top.” “Employees donated board games, life-size baby dolls and a remote control car” stressed Cheryl Vortisch, a civil counter clerk. “I had to make ten or twelve trips to get all the toys to my car.” “The toys filled up my Chevy Equinox.”

And to round out the year, Court employees donated an estimated one thousand pounds of food to the Evelyn Mount Food Bank, a local organization that helps feed the hungry. “I was amazed, the food filled up the entire bed of a full-size F-150 pick-up truck” stated Ms. Allison Lang, a Reno Justice Court clerk and one of many who donated to this cause.

“All I can say is the generosity of this Court is overwhelming.” “This is a great group of people, who work hard and gives back abundantly.” “I’m proud to be a part of this team” affirmed Steve Tuttle, Reno Justice Court’s Administrator.

Reno Justice Court

Reno Justice Court is a court of limited jurisdiction and is divided into three (3) main areas; the Citation Division, the Civil Division and the Criminal Division.

The Citation Division deals with all citations issued in Reno Township including, but not limited to those issued by the Nevada Highway Patrol, the Washoe County Sheriff`s Office, the University of Nevada Police Department, the Division of Wild Life, the Gaming Control Board, the State Contractor`s Board and Washoe County Animal Control. If you have been instructed that you can come to Court and pay the fine on your citation without seeing a judge, your case has more than likely been directed to the Citation Division.

The Civil Division is divided into four (4) areas; Small Claims, Civil Actions, Evictions and Stalking and Harassment. Small Claims actions have a monetary limit of $7,500.00 and are conducted more informally, generally, without attorneys present. Civil actions have a monetary limit of $10,000.00. Evictions deal with landlord-tenant disputes. Stalking and harassing orders are available for cases that do not involve domestic or intimate relationships (e.g., sons, daughters, husbands, wives, boyfriend or girlfriend).

The Criminal Division deals with cases which are being prosecuted by the Washoe County District Attorney`s Office (or the State of Nevada Attorney General`s Office in certain cases). All criminal proceedings in Reno Township, whether misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor or felony cases originate in Reno Justice Court. A preliminary examination is held in gross misdemeanor and felony cases and, upon a finding of probable cause by the judge, the case is forwarded to the Second Judicial District Court for adjudication. Reno Justice Court is the trial court in misdemeanor cases.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Reno Justice Court to promote and preserve the rule of law and protection of property rights by providing a fair, independent, and impartial forum for the peaceful resolution of legal conflicts according to the law. Further, it is the mission of Justice Courts to provide judicial services in such a manner as to: 1) promote access to justice; 2) adjudicate cases in an expeditious and timely manner; 3) utilize public resources efficiently and effectively such that it demonstrates accountability and engenders public trust and confidence; and 4) promote an understanding of the Courts as a vital component of the tripartite system of government, independent of and co-equal to the Legislative and Executive.