Even our weeds are gorgeous!
Even our weeds are gorgeous!
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Civil Department

Phone: 775.353.7603    Fax: 775.352.3004

Civil Department Supervisor
Chris Hansen

Effective July 1, 2014, the Sparks Justice Court will require the Justice/Municipal Cover Sheet to be included on ALL new Civil, Eviction and Small Claims filings. Please complete the form prior to appearing at the court to file to allow for a smoother process.

The Civil Department of Sparks Justice Court is made up of three major functions:

Civil Complaints for damages not to exceed $10,000 or if a suit involves a breach of contract, punitive damages, an action to obtain possession of property, a writ of restitution, or other like actions, legal counsel is suggested for these types of actions.

An act or process of legally dispossessing a person of land or rental property.

Small Claims
An action filed in order to obtain a monetary judgment.  Claims must not exceed $7,500. A small claims action may be filed with the Sparks Justice Court if one of the following applies to the defendant:

  1. They reside within the boundaries of the Sparks Township;
  2. They are employed within the boundaries of the Sparks Township; and/or,
  3. They do business within the boundaries of the Sparks Township.

Please click here for all Civil Department Fees.