Even our weeds are gorgeous!
Even our weeds are gorgeous!

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Candidate Contribution and Expenditure Reports
Annual Reports for 2009
(Covering 2008 Reporting Period for those candidates not running for office in 2008)

State Senate
   Dist 1
       Mathews, Bernice 

County Commissioner
   Dist 1
      Galloway, Jim
   Dist 5
      Weber, Bonnie

County Clerk
       Harvey, Amy

      Haley, Mike


State Board of Education
   Dist 8
      Gwaltney, John 

 School Board Trustee
   Dist G
      Price, Barbara 

JP Sparks
   Dept 2
       Higgins, Kevin

Incline Village GID      
      Brockman, Gene
      Wolf, Bob

No Office
       McAlinden, Patricia