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CTMRD Program

Fee Information

How can I find out what my Remediation Fee is?

The Remediation Fee is included on your property tax bill. The amount assessed is clearly identified as the 'Remediation Fee'. You can also find out how much your Remediation Fee is by calling us at 775-954-4642, or contacting us by email.

Who is assessed a Remediation Fee?

All those benefiting from the remediation of PCE contaminated water are required by law to pay a Remediation Fee. The Nevada State statute NRS 540A.250-285 specifies that the CTMRD boundary (i.e. Service Area Boundary) shall be the wholesale and retail service area of the water purveyors whose wells are located within the contaminated area.

Read more about the CTMRD boundaries and the benefits provided by the CTMRD program.

What do the Remediation Fees pay for?

The Remediation Fee is used to fund those activities focused on accomplishing the goals that the CTMRD program was created to achieve. These include:

  • Ensure citizens PCE-free drinking water
  • Protect groundwater resources for future uses
  • Provide relief and protection of 'innocent' property owners of parcels located above areas that are impacted by PCE; and
  • To create a funding mechanism for remediation of PCE that fairly allocates the cost of remediation to those benefiting (water users and property owners) from these efforts.

How is the Remediation Fee Determined?

NRS 540A.250-285 authorizes the BCC to recover the costs of implementing the RMP by imposing an annual fee on properties located within the CTMRD boundaries. The statute requires that this fee be based on annualized water usage. Specifically, NRS 540A.265 stipulates that this fee must “be weighted and adjusted between parcels or properties within the district, if applicable, to reflect varying levels of effect of the contamination, varying levels of value resulting from remediation or other factors deemed relevant to the BCC.”

As detailed on the benefits page, there are three distinct groups that benefit from CTMRD program activities:

  • Water users within the CTMRD service area boundary;
  • Owners of residential property located within the contaminant boundary; and
  • Owners of non-residential property located within the contaminant boundary.

Annual CTMRD program costs are allocated among these three benefit groups using a tiered fee structure that reflects the distinct benefits received by each group, with each group being assigned a specific fee rate. The remediation fee is then assessed by multiplying the applicable benefit group fee rate by the individual parcel’s annualized water bill for the previous year. The fee rates are determined each year and are based on the annual CTMRD program budget and the number and distribution of parcels in each benefit group.

The tiered fee rate structure is designed as follows, with “x” representing the annual baseline percentage:

  • Water users: 0.5x
  • Residential property owners within the contaminant boundary: x
  • Non-residential property owners within the contaminant boundary: 2x

Non-residential property owners within the contaminant boundary are assessed the highest rate of the three groups, as they receive the greatest benefit from the existence of the CTMRD. Read more about the benefits each group receives.

Currently, parcels without municipal water service located within the CTMRD contaminant boundary are not assessed a remediation fee.