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Washoe County Community Services Department - Water Utility
Water Quality

The Washoe County Water Utility is a leader in providing integrated water resources.  These services are critical to the region's quality of life.  They include utility services (water, sewer and reclaimed water) and water resource planning services (flood management, remediation of contaminated groundwater and development of water resource plans).

The Utility is committed to being the leader in the provision of integrated water resource services to our community.  Our mission is to provide quality product and service to our community through teamwork, accountability and professionalism.

Regular testing of the water resources is one way we fulfill that mission.  The 2014 Water Quality Report also known as the Consumer Confidence Report, summarizes water quality data.  To see your 2014 Water Quality Report, click on your service area:


  Desert Springs (Spanish Springs)

  Double Diamond

  Hidden Valley

  Horizon Hills

  Lemmon Valley

  Lightning W

  Mt. Rose

  Old Washoe


  Spring Creek (Spanish Springs)

  Spring Creek East (Spanish Springs)


  St. James

  South Truckee Meadows General Improvement District (STMGID)


  Thomas Creek


  Truckee Canyon










 Tour of Chalk Bluff Water Treatment Facility

Attention Private Well Owners -
For information on monitoring water quality in your private domestic well, click on the link below for a factsheet that lists certified labs and helpful web links to related agencies:
Testing Your Well's Water Quality

Any Questions?  Contact the Washoe County Department of Water Resources, call 954-4600 or visit www.washoecounty.us/water